Injury results from a wide variety of causes, including accidents or intentional harm, and in a wide variety of locations, such as your home or workplace. It is important that as many people as possible survive their injuries if they sustain trauma. Uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma. The greater the number of people who know how to control bleeding in an injured patient, the greater the chances of surviving that injury. You can help save a life by knowing how to stop bleeding if someone, including yourself, is injured. X-Treme Vigilance wants to spread the word on how to prevent death from uncontrolled bleeding by offering this life saving information at no cost to everyone. We feel that everyone from young children to senior adults can benefit from learning this information

How Stop the Bleed was created:

The Joint Committee to Increase Survival from Active Shooter and Intentional Mass Casualty Events was convened by the American College of Surgeons in response to the growing number and severity of these events. The committee met in Hartford Connecticut and has produced a number of documents with recommendations. The documents represent the consensus opinion of a multi-disciplinary committee involving medical groups, the military, the National Security Council, Homeland Security, the FBI, law enforcement, fire rescue, and EMS. These recommendations have become known as the Hartford Consensus. The overarching principle of the Hartford Consensus is that no one should die from uncontrolled bleeding. The Hartford Consensus recommends that all citizens learn to stop bleeding. Further information about the Hartford Consensus and bleeding control can be found on the website:

Instructor Jonathan Peace is a Stop the Bleed curriculum instructor, EMT-A, and a Law Enforcement Officer. Through his training and experience he has concluded that it is essential for citizens to know and understand on how to prevent death from uncontrolled bleeding since the average response time to an incident could be anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes for first responders to arrive on scene to begin treating persons who are suffering life threatening injuries. Depending on the source of the uncontrolled bleeding a person could bleed out as little as 20 seconds or as long as 3 minutes. So looking at these times, we can agree that if the average response time of first responders is longer than the potential time of bleeding to death then bystanders can be the difference on life or death to someone if they have the skills and knowledge to help prevent death by uncontrolled bleeding.

X-Treme Vigilance offers Stop the Bleed training seminars to any organization or group of people that are interested in this course. To set up a seminar for your organization or group contact us to set up a date for the seminar to take place. These seminars are free of charge and usually last for 3 hours. X-Treme Vigilance provides all the materials for the course. This course can be taught at any location provided by you or the organization.

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