The threat of a active shooter is rare but very real. Does your school or organization have a Emergency Operating Procedure (EOP)? Is your school in compliance with federal recommendations or are you at risk for court litigation after a active shooter event? Are you complying with your own stated policy? Do you have a policy in place for when this situation arrises? X-Treme Vigilance can help with your needs.

Average Law Enforcement response time to a active shooter event.

  • 5-6 minutes

According to the FBI in a 13 year study between 2000 and 2013 found that

  • 160 active shooter incidents occurred
  • There were 1,043 casualties including wounded and killed (not counting shooters)
  • Out of 1,043 casualties 486 were killed and 557 were wounded in those 160 incidents
  • 70% of those incidents occurred in a commerce/business or educational environment
  • Shootings occurred in 40 of 50 states including District of Columbia
  • 60% of incidents occurred before police arrived

X-Treme Vigilance Active Shooter Seminars give life saving information and strategies to improve the chance of survivability during a active shooter event. This program benefits all groups including, civilians, Government Entities, Churches, K-12 Schools and Higher Education.

Topics Covered will be

  • Alert procedures
  • Lockdown ideas
  • Informing others of the event
  • Counter ideas and techniques
  • Evading the shooter(s)
  • Facts and Statistics of Active Shooter Events

X-Treme Vigilance Active Shooter Seminars – $200. Ask about our package deal for a Security Assessment for a additional $50 for churches, businesses, and schools.

X-Treme Vigilance also offers hands on force-on-force training utilizing air-soft guns to bring realism to the nature of what a active shooter event may be like. We believe the best training a person can receive on this matter is to bring the realism to you so you can experience your personal body-alarm response to such an event. Throughout this training you will experience split second decision making on whether to engage in the encounter or to combat the situation by other means. We can accommodate a two-day class to expose all participants to active shooter response training. These two-day classes benefit all groups including, civilians, Government Entities, Churches, K-12 Schools and Higher Education, and businesses.

Topics Covered Include

  • 2 hour Active Shooter Seminar
  • Engaging in use of force on a shooter
  • Encountering law enforcement and what to expect
  • Understanding the victims point of view

Objectives to Active Shooter Response Class

  • Train individuals to learn response techniques
  • Bring awareness to what a active shooter situation could potentially be like
  • Give ideas on how to counter, evade or engage the shooter(s)
  • Bring realism to the possibilities and what to expect from violent encounters

Equipment Utilized in these classes

  • Air-soft handguns and rifles
  • Protective masks
  • Plastic air-soft rounds
  • Safety Glasses
  • Loud Speakers

X-Treme Vigilance Active Shooter Response Class – $300. Classes are limited to 15 people. To hold a Active Shooter Response Class a location must be provided by the entity requesting the class. All other materials will be provided by X-Treme Vigilance. To request a class please contact us to schedule your event.

Need a Emergency Operating Procedure (EOP)? X-Treme Vigilance can help your organization or school put together a EOP by gathering all the information of what you need for your personnel.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar or force-on-force class at your organization or school and you are not sure on the path you should take please contact us with your information and what your needs are so we can evaluate those with you. X-Treme Vigilance wants to be a part of spreading important life saving information to everyone who needs it.

Active Shooter Seminar & class

Seminar Cost: $200

Response Class Cost: $300

Course Materials

All Course Materials Provided