X-Treme Vigilance is proud to offer Tennessee Armed/Unarmed Security Guard Certifications. Both Al and Jonathan got their start in their careers that they are involved with now with their Armed Security Guard license. A security guard/officer is an individual employed by a contract security company or a proprietary security organization to protect persons and/or property from criminal activities. This is a great way to initiate yourself into a potential career in law enforcement or professional career in armed security. With this license you will be able to apply for armed security jobs like armored vehicle transports, private business security, close personal protection security details, and many more jobs that require a Armed Security Guard license. All armed security guards must meet the armed guard registration requirements in order to be authorized to carry a firearm.


•Be at least 21 years of age for registration as an armed security guard.
•Be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien.
•Not have been declared by any court of competent jurisdiction incompetent by reason of mental defect or disease unless a court of competent jurisdiction has since declared the applicant competent.
•If convicted in any jurisdiction of any of the crimes listed in this subdivision (4), have completed serving sentence or court ordered probation at least five (5) years prior to application. Conviction of the following crimes shall disqualify an applicant, subject to the conditions stated in this section:

  • (A) Any felony; or
  • (B) Any misdemeanor involving:
  • (i) Shooting a firearm or other weapon;
  • (ii) Shoplifting;
  • (iii) Assault and battery or other act of violence against persons or property;
  • (iv) Crimes involving the sale, manufacture or distribution of controlled     substances, controlled substance analogues, drugs or narcotics;
  • (v) Theft of property; or
  • (vi) Theft of services;
  • Not be suffering from habitual drunkenness or narcotics addiction or dependence;
  • Not have any disability that, in the opinion of the commissioner, prevents the applicant from performing the duties of a security guard/officer; and
  • Be of good moral character.
  • Submit three fingerprint cards for processing for a TBI and or FBI criminal history check, or submit electronic fingerprints.
  • Must meet the statutory training requirements.

This is a 16 hour two day class that will teach you the rules and regulations on becoming a certified Tennessee Armed/Unarmed Security Guard. This course is not recommended for beginners. This intensive two day course will cover the following areas but is not limited to:

  • Orientation
  • Handgun Safety/Maintenance
  • Legalities of being a Armed/Unarmed Security Guard
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Patrol ideas and concepts
  • First Aid medical treatment
  • Report writing
  • Fire suppression
  • Crime scene security
  • Live fire qualifications
  • Advanced weapons manipulations
  • Weapon malfunctions
  • Weapon retention
  • ASP Baton Certification (if requesting a certification)
  • ASP Handcuffing Certification (if requesting a certification)
  • Sabre Red Pepper Spray Certification (if requesting a certification)

Students who are requesting a certification in ASP Baton, ASP Handcuffing and Sabre Red Pepper Spray are required to attend a third day for these certifications. This third day will cover all of these aspects. Each certification will be a separate cost from the cost of the armed guard course. Students will have the choice of which certification they would like to obtain.

Students who pass this course will be eligible to apply for their Tennessee Armed/Unarmed Security Guard license.

More information can be found at https://www.tn.gov/commerce/article/prot-get-a-license

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Armed Guard Training

Armed/Unarmed Security Guard Certification – $150
Recertification for Armed/Unarmed Security Guard – $75
ASP Expandable Baton and Handcuffing Certification – $100
Sabre Red Pepper Spray Certification – $50

Course Materials

Level two or higher holster
3 magazines
Magazine holster
Duty belt with belt keepers (if using a duty belt rig for your line of work)
Ear protection
Eye protection
Water bottle for hydration
Pen and paper
200 rounds of target ammunition
ASP Expandable Baton (if requesting certification)
Handcuffs with key (if requesting certification)
Pepper spray holster (if requesting certification)
Open mind for interesting techniques and concepts