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At X-Treme Vigilance we believe in the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the right to protect yourself and the ones you love.

X-treme Vigilance | Firearm & Personal Safety Training in Kingsport TN

We are fortunate to live in a country whose citizens, in most states, have the freedom to exercise that right and are deeply indebted to our Armed Forces men and women who fight to protect our freedoms. We also support the NRA and their relentless battle to protect our Second Amendment rights. Our Instructors are ordinary people like you, and several years ago, were at the same point you are now…making the decision to obtain a permit to legally carry a handgun for self defense. We have not forgotten the feeling of being in a room with people you may not know in order to receive the required training to do so. Therefore, our goal is to ensure our training environment is friendly, non-intimidating and packed with information regarding the responsibilities that go with carrying a handgun. We also hold these same goals for our Refuse To Be A Victim seminars and Eddie Eagle youth programs.

X-Treme Vigilance is a family focused business, works shift work and realizes how important your weekends are to spend with your family, which is why we offer training classes during the week. Our goal is to cater to the shift-work employee with an occasional Saturday class should the need arise for non shift workers. We also understand the value of your hard earned dollar which is why we try to keep our training reasonably priced. Please browse our site for the class that best suits your need and THANK YOU for considering X-Treme Vigilance.

X-treme Vigilance | Firearm & Personal Safety Training in Kingsport TN

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I enjoyed taking your class. It was very informative and well presented. Moving to this area from another state where I had a CCP I needed to learn the laws of TN and you did a good job of presenting them. I will definitely recommend your class.

Jim W.

Many thanks to Al Tipton and Jonathan Peace for their excellent instruction in firearm use and safety. It was a day well spent and the time just flew by. I now feel that I have a better knowledge of the weapons I own, and a better eye when I shoot. Jonathan Peace's introduction to the laws that govern the use of armed self-defense was something that every gun owner should know. I now have a better understanding of what is expected of me as a gun owner in America. Jonathan's and instructor Al Tipton's knowledge of shooting helped me immensely during the shooting portion of the class. I scored much higher than I expected to, and it was great to use their suggestions and see an immediate and positive result. Thanks so much for a great day.

Tom F.

Really enjoyed your class! I liked the fact that you went over the rules and regulations of having a conceal carry permit and all the definitions that go along with a citizen's right to carry. I have recommended you all to several friends and co-workers. Thanks!

Jerry W.

I have been a firearms instructor for over a decade (civilian and law enforcement). Being a new resident to the state I was required to take a class for my carry permit. I have to say that Al and Johnathan were professional, personable and very likable. I thoroughly enjoyed their presentation, they answered everyone’s questions, and made sure that everyone grasped the concept and the realism of being a permit holder as well as the great responsibility while carrying a firearm. I’m very impressed with their class and I will highly recommend anyone that I come into contact with to take the class with X-Treme Vigilance!

Chris W.

Came to the class with 3 others, we all enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Even with past experience in law enforcement I learned that many parts of the laws had changed. Both instructors knew the material well and were very responsive and helpful to questions and problems in the classroom and the range.

Brian C.

I was completely terrified at the beginning of class but thanks to great instruction and patience from Al and Jonathan I feel much more comfortable. Loved the class!!

Melissa W.

The class was great! I had taken a gun safety class before, but I learned more from your class than I ever did in any other class I have before. I also have told all my friends if they are considering taking a permit class to sign with you all.

Christina H.

What a great class! I have had a fear of guns my whole life...Until this class, I had never fired a gun. Going in, I was apprehensive but all the guys were super understanding, laid back, patient and they put my fears to ease... Not only did I conquer a fear...I passed the class and I had a blast. I feel good knowing I can protect my family. Thanks guys! You rock!

Sarah H.