X-Treme Vigilance is proud to offer SABRE Civilian Safety Program to anyone who is wanting the knowledge on how to use pepper spray properly, effectively and responsibly in a self defense situation.

In the Civilian Safety Awareness Program you will learn: 

    • How to discourage dangerous threats
    • Ways to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations
    • Protection at a safe distance
    • How to use pepper spray products effectively and responsibly
    • Personal safety skills for smart living

Anyone can benefit from taking this course – whether you are a runner, commuter, student, someone who travels for work, retiree, homemaker – this course is for you! Each course can be tailored to suit your needs and abilities with the help of our instructors. Each student who attends this course will receive and kit that includes one (1) can of SABRE Inert Spray and one (1) can of SABRE Pepper Spray.