Refuse To Be A Victim® Training | NRA | X-Treme VigilanceImprove your personal safety strategies with NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® Program. Experts agree that the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the decision to refuse to be a victim. That means that you must have an overall personal safety strategy in place before you need it. Through a four-hour seminar (shorter presentations are available) called Refuse To Be A Victim®, you can learn the personal safety tips and techniques you need to avoid dangerous situations and avoid becoming a victim. Hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement officials across the country have implemented Refuse To Be A Victim® into their crime prevention and community policing initiatives. Here are just a few of the topics presented in the seminar:

Home Security
Personal Security
Automobile Security
Workplace Security
Technological Security

Refuse To Be A Victim® Training | NRA | X-Treme VigilanceAt X-Treme Vigilance we strive to give everyone the information that they need to be able to rightfully protect themselves and others around them. If you feel that you need more information on how to handle any of the topics listed above then please check our course calendar for dates scheduled. If you do not see a date listed and would like to schedule a date for a group that is interested in attending this seminar please e-mail us at [email protected]. Previously this course was geared more towards women’s safety but in the recent years the NRA has added tremendously to this seminar to cater to all genders and age groups above the age of 18. We highly recommend this seminar to people who may be new to learning personal protection techniques and general information on any of the above topics. You can visit the NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® web site at to view FAQ’s.

Want to sponsor a Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar at your own location? NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® seminars can be held at any location that will accommodate up to 25 students. To have a seminar at your location please contact us to make arrangements. Please be sure that your sponsored seminar has a minimum of 10 students.

Classes are limited to 25 students.

Course Cost

$25/per student

*This course must be paid in full prior to the start date. Click the Book Now button below to join our next class!

Required Equipment

Notepad and pen

All other equipment and materials will be provided